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Calm is coming…

Cold-Pressed Cannabinoids is rebranding! Here are some first sneak peeks at what's to come…


Our recipe has been updated to provide an improved flavour experience while continuing to use the very best, natural ingredients. Plus, our gummies now have DOUBLE the CBD (now 20mg per gummy) and HALF the sugar as our previous products.


As a CBD brand, we want to emphasise the calming and relaxing benefits of our products. Our new branding and brand name will better reflect our community of individuals who prioritise relaxation and self-care and those who are seeking to reduce stress and anxiety in their daily lives.

* check our Instagram for our new name reveal 🤭 *


While these changes may bring about slight differences in appearance and flavour, one thing that remains unchanged across all of our products is our mission for universal acceptance of the cannabis plant; we’re still committed to being vegan, using all-natural ingredients in our products, and making sure our products are in the hands of those who need it.

These changes allow us to continue innovating within this space, whilst reinforcing our core values at each step along our growth journey. Naturally sourced ingredients, ethically made products and exceptional customer service is essential every time one of our items makes its way into a customer's hands.

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