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‘Cannabis & Me’ – Cannabis Research Study

As early adopters, we have long been convinced of the efficacy of cannabis products and how these can improve the lives of people. There is a lot of hope today for the universal acceptance of CBD as it draws more interest from the scientific community and the general public.

The Kings College London has taken the initiative of launching a £2.5 million study that would inquire into the effects of cannabis on the brain. Entitled “Cannabis & Me,” this study intends to uncover environmental and biological factors related to the effects that humans experience while using cannabis.

Cannabis supporters around the world are excited at this development because the university aims to bring in 6,000 participants, which will make it the biggest independent cannabis study by far. If it’s any indication, this is our biggest hope for more people to embrace CBD as a health solution.

Lead researcher, Dr. Marta Di Forti, pointed out that at this point, cannabis is consumed by many people daily for recreational purposes, but not for medicinal reasons. She even added that in the UK, the prescription of medical cannabis is rare.

But with an estimated 200 million people all over the world using the drug, Dr. Forti and her peers are obviously convinced of the importance of this research undertaking. If done successfully, this could provide more doctors with the confidence to prescribe cannabis appropriately.

The research team is now aiming to enlist a population of Londoners aged 18-45 and bring them in as participants in this unprecedented and truly significant study. 

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Calm is coming…

Calm is coming…

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