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Biden: “It’s time that we right these wrongs.”

Things have been looking up in recent times and certain events have turned in favour of our drive towards CBD acceptance. As you've all probably seen in many instances, an increasing number of people in high places are speaking out in support of the sensible use of CBD products. Seeing such passion only inspires us to move ahead with more conviction.

We appreciate all the supportive voices, but when it happens to be the leader of the free world who's talking on the highest stage, we know that a lot more audiences are listening. A few days ago, the global community of cannabis supporters was electrified by a truly significant act – United States President Joe Biden gave an announcement that places CBD and cannabis use in a much better light. 

He went back to one of the things he often said during his then campaign for the presidency – that nobody should be in jail for mere possession of marijuana. In addition, he also acknowledged that criminal records for marijuana possession have only caused barriers to employment, among other key opportunities. He also acknowledged the disproportionate rates of arrest, prosecution, and conviction among black Americans.

In his statement, the President bared three steps that he intends to take in an effort to address what he refers to as a “failed approach” to marijuana.

First, he announced a pardon of all prior federal offences of marijuana possession. This comes in light of the fact that thousands of convictions under this offence remove privileges from people.

The second step is for all states to take action, too. Biden urged all governors to orient their localities to adopt the same policy being envisioned for the federal level. Biden wants to see that no one who has been caught in possession of marijuana should be in local jails or state prisons either.

The third step – which is really the game changer – is that the administrative powers in the government are now directed to revisit the scheduling of marijuana in the legal context. Currently, marijuana is classified under Schedule 1 of the Controlled Substances Act, which means that it is classified as a dangerous drug. This technically puts it in the same league as heroin and LSD and deems it more serious than methamphetamine and fentanyl. Obviously, the recent science of medical marijuana and other forms of sensible use greatly influence this development.

But all of this is not to say that everything suddenly becomes a free-for-all affair. Biden was quick to remind the public that crucial limitations should still be put in place, especially with regard to the trafficking, marketing, and age-restricted sale of marijuana products.

This is surely a meaningful nod to the acceptance campaign we so desire. In his conclusion, Biden couldn’t put it any better: “It’s time that we right these wrongs.”

We can expect more key events to take place in the coming days. In the meantime, we’re all glad to have POTUS on our side!

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