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Your favourite CBD gummies are finalists in the WORLD CBD AWARDS 2022!


We are a finalist for the World CBD Awards 🎉
This is huge news for Cold-Pressed, something we couldn’t have achieved without your support! We are building something special and are delighted to have been recognised by what has become the GRAMMYS of cannabis!
Better still, we have achieved this across the 2 categories that mean the most to us. The first category is the ‘Most Loved Brand’. Our company mission is to destigmatize the cannabis plant and building a strong brand helps us to spread this message far and wide.
The 2nd category is ‘Best Industry Newcomer’. The CBD world has seen many developments over the last few years and to have been recognised in this very competitive category is something we are very proud of.
Our applications for both categories exceeded the quality score benchmark. This was calculated through their strict scoring system raising the quality standards of CBD products worldwide.
Thank you for your support and love along the way, allowing us to reach this important benchmark for the business and we now look forward to kicking on and continuing the fight for universal acceptance of the plant.

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Calm is coming…

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